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As a leader in the manufacture of precast concrete products we are ideally placed to meet the needs of modern day construction industry in every respect.

  • Hollow Core Slab
  • Columns and Beams
  • Wall Panel
  • Dwello
  • Aquafort
  • Freshin

The Future is here

With the growing development and expansion of our towns and cities, there is a need for faster timetables and lower costs in the construction industry. Technology that can be trusted; is cost effective and has uniform quality – Precast technology is all this and more.

Precast technology is a process through which concrete is cast into a reusable mold, cured and then transported to the construction site and liftes into place as opposed to standard concrete which is poured on-site into specific forms.

VME has a track record in delivering a range of Precast products and solution for number of leading commercial projects. These include retail malls, office complexes, hotels and hospitals.

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