We are committed to socially responsible practice at every level and in all areas. Our concern for the environment has seen us address issues of waste and emissions across the entire supply chain. The VME Precast factory is the most sustainable pre-cast concrete plant in India, making use of techniques to drive down the impact of the manufacturing process on the environment and its resources.

VME’s precast technology helps reduce pollution considerably and prevents wastage of materials.

Lot of heat is generated during conventional on site concreting stage, VME Precast elements are made at the factory and transported to the site and so helps avoid heat generation. The strategic location of VME’s production facility means delivery road miles and vehicle emissions are reduced. Even in-situ our products go on contributing to a net reduction in energy use and carbon footprint by reducing the need for heating and air conditioning by an appreciable percentage, thanks to their high thermal efficiency.

VME Precast technology is the most sustainable technology that prevents wastage right from the raw material stage. Since no stocking of materials like steel, cement and aggregate is required at the site there is no wastage of materials due to poor storage, spillage and spoilage or washing away of the materials due to natural reasons like rain and wind. There is no question of construction debris piling up at the site also, thus making VME Precast technology the right technology to reduce any kind of wastage.

In an industry where safety is a key watchword, we have implemented companywide education and training programmes and developed our own lifting systems and procedures to reduce the risk posed by heavy materials handling onsite.