VME’s Dwello is a transportable all-precast concrete building system. The buildings are first precast,then assembled in the factory and transported to the desired site to be installed in the shortest possible time on a leveled surface. These buildings are stronger, weather resistant and more eco friendly than the corrosive, easily damageable and less design friendly steel, aluminium and fibre buildings.


  • The Winning Difference: A precast building from VME wins hand down due to its flexibility, speed of deployment and technology that makes it a solid competitor to its counterpart.
  • Gets operational fast: Quick installation and simple site preparation. With built-in floor, no foundations are necessary.
  • Reduces maintenance expenses: Durable and break-in resistant with lifetime finishes.
  • Easy to Relocate: Can be moved when needs change.
  • Saves money: Costs much less than comparable site built construction and it is reusable at different locations saving the cost of new construction.
  • Insulated Outer Walls: Generally rooms of smaller size do not have proper ventilation, and the heat trans mitted remains trapped in the room particularly if the room is made of HDPE or steel. VME’s Dwello buildings are made using insulated concrete panels which has high resistance. Thus making an environment friendly place to live or work.