VME’s Freshin Toilets have arrived to provide secure, easy and hygienic solution in remote places where normal sanitation facilities are unavailable. Be it a construction project, a highway restroom or a temporary facility for an event precast toilets. VME’s Freshin Toilets are practically indestructible precast toilets designed to accommodate flush, or pit latrine systems, small bore or soak away septic tanks, conservancy tanks or virtually any alternative sewage system.


  • VME’s Freshin Toilets can be transported from one place to the other as per the requirement and have a lot of advantages
    over the conventional onsite toilets.
  • Easily transportable and easy to install
  • Needs little or no foundation preparation
  • They are highly secure and strong
  • Will not rust or rot like some other temporary toilets
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance costs
  • The panels have good finish inside and outside
  • Proper ventilation provides odour free use